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Hot Hot Hot!

  Jul 7, 2017   Demaree

Ok, we had July (109!) in June, let’s hope we get some June in July (not likely).

Everyone thinks of shade when summer arrives. My personal top 3 shade trees are as follows;

Keith Davies Chinese Pistache. Moderate growing, no seed or fruit, great fall color and average size of 20-30 ft. tall & wide.

October Glory Maple. Moderate growing, few small seeds, great fall color and average size of 25-35 ft taller than wide.

Autumn Purple Ash ( also known as Autumn Applause Ash) Moderate growing, no seed or fruit, great fall color and average size 30-40 ft. tall & wide. Better for larger landscapes.

Time for Crepe Myrtles. Crepe Myrtles are now blooming all over the City. Flowers come in red, hot pink, white, pinkish-lavender and purple. Individual size and growth rates vary by color. We’ll be happy to explain the differences to you. If there’s one plant that loves Fresno’s weather it’s crepe myrtle.

Summer Facts;

A large shade tree can reduce the temperature by 20 degrees F. around your home and filter dust from the air.

Real grass (Fescue or Bermuda) will absorb heat and cool your landscape at the same time.

White flowers actually make you feel cooler during the summer. White Iceberg roses, Helene rose of sharon. Natchez crepe myrtle, white lily of the Nile, white Gaura, white lantana, white butterfly bush, white coneflower, white geraniums, white hydrangeas, white dianthus, annual white vinca and annual white alyssum.

Applying mulch, humus or bark can reduce moisture loss by evaporation 10-20 %.

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