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The Time Has Come, The Leonard Said, To Plant A Great Many Things...

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  Apr 7, 2017   Demaree

Ok, this is it. The prime planting month of the year. Generally warmer weather (70’s -80’s) no frost, hail or pounding rain (I say that and it will frost , hail and rain). Spring flowering Impatiens will take off nicely with the warmer weather of April. Many vegetables that hate the up and down weather of March will flourish in April. Peppers, cucumbers and basil tolerate slight cold and will go crazy as the weather hits 80*F.

Most vegetable seeds can be planted now. By the time they’re up and growing the weather will be perfect.

Roses are budding and will be blooming by late April. Rose flowers in spring are always the largest of the season. By summer, flowers can be 30-40% smaller due to heat and lack of humidity. Before purchasing, check them for powdery mildew, a terrible disease of wet weather.

The large fountains of yellow and white flowers along our freeways are Banks Roses. Though they only bloom once a year, it is spectacular. Banks Roses are excellent on trellises or covering large slopes. They can spread as much as 15-20 ft!

Now’s the last best time to plant Japanese Maples. These beautiful trees need time to establish before our summer heat. The variety Sieryu is unique among japanese maples. It’ an upright green laceleaf species that can be grown in full sun in Fresno with little or no heat stress!

Got a spot in your garden where no sun ever shines? A dark recessed entry way that’s to shady for azaleas and hydrangeas? Try a Kaffir Lily (clivia minata). This evergreen perennial loves shade and has bright orange tubular flowers blooming now. It’s excellent in pots.

A little bit about Weeds

We now carry a liquid concentrate post emergent weed killer known as Q4+. It has the highest concentration of chemicals to control broadleaf weeds, crabgrass and nutgrass all in one. Many gardeners and landscapers use it, so why don’t you?